Holy Trinity Scottish Episcopal Church, Stirling

Revd Christoph Wutscher

Dear all,

We have now started our season of celebration, marking 140 years of worship and community life in our church building. There has been an Episcopal congregation in Stirling for much longer, of course, and our website gives lots of useful information on its history in this city. It is well worth a read!

In ordained ministry one is usually compared to one's predecessors, and looking through the list of rectors who have served this congregation in this place is surely a daunting exercise - but there is one who stands out in particular: the Revd Clement Leigh Coldwell (whose portrait can be seen in the church's porch), who oversaw the transition from the previous church building in Barnton Street to the present church building in what must have been a bold and courageous move. Our website gives the final paragraph of the last sermon Coldwell preached in the old church building in Barnton Street:

"Change is everywhere at work and moves quickly. Whither shall God by all these changes lead us? We know not. Time will reveal His will, but we must continue to keep His word and not deny His name. Built on that Rock, nothing can shake us!"

Words which are still true for us today, because change is perhaps the only constant in our lives. We know not where God will lead this congregation in the future; what changes await us here at Holy Trinity, in Stirling, in Scotland. What we can do, however, is remind one another that whatever we do, we must build on what we know of God - and that we can be proud of our past and look boldly into the future, remaining as passionate as our forebears about this place of worship, its community and our work to the glory of God.

Yours in Christ,