Holy Trinity Scottish Episcopal Church, Stirling

Prayer and Prayer Diary

There's so much about our church that we can pray for. Please build these suggestions into your own prayers, day by day.


24 Wed Rogation Day for the protection of the land from pollution
25 Thu ASCENSION DAY, for the ministry of the Salvation Army in Stirling
26 Fri Augustine of Canterbury, for the unity Anglican Community
27 Sat for the Diocesan Gathering at the Cathedral in Perth
28 Sun EASTER 7 for the ministry of the Stirling Street Pastors tonight
29 Mon for the Revd Graham Willey
30 Tue for serving police officers, support staff and their families
31 Wed Visit of Mary to Elizabeth, for women giving birth amidst death and destruction


1 Thu Justin of Rome, Martyr 165, for Revd Christoph Wutscher, our Rector
2 Fri for Rachel Campbell, our Vestry Secretary
3 Sat Ugandan Martyrs, for persecuted Christians in Africa
4 Sun THE DAY OF PENTECOST, that everyone is able to hear the Gospel in their own language and culture
5 Mon Boniface, Missionary & Martyr, for schoolteachers and teaching assistants
6 Tue for help to those fleeing terror, turmoil and great hardship
7 Wed for 'Stirling Citizens for Sanctuary'
8 Thu General Election Day, that we may cast our votes prayerfully
9 Fri Columba of Iona, for the Meeting of The General Synod in Edinburgh
10 Sat for the newly elected Members of Parliament
11 TRINITY SUNDAY, that we may be a congregation that joins in with what God is doing
12 Barnabas, Apostle, for Stirling Inter-Faith Community Justice Group
13 Tue for Vestry Members: Christoph, Cathy, Rachel, Robert, Brian, Claire, David, Alistair, Nick, Sue, Mary
14 Basil, Gregory of Nazianus and Gregory of Hyssa, for Christians in the Middle East
15 Thus Corpus Christi, for the Altar Servers: Jim, Brian, Mike and Suzanne
16 Fri for our Youth Fellowship members and leaders, Alastair, Sarah and Gen
17 Sat for those serving in the armed forces and their families
18 PENTECOST 2, for all the children in our congregation
19 Mon for the Director of Music, Alistair Warwick, the Choir and Music Group
20 Tue Fillan, Abbot 759, for those suffering mental illness
21 Wed for Robert Nellist, our Treasurer and Diocesan PVG Officer
22 Thu Alban, Martyr 209, for Cathy Johnston, our Lay Representative
23 Fri for Kathleen and Udo and the Imkerhof Training Centre in Namibia
24 Sat BIRTH OF JOHN THE BAPTIST, that we may be faithful to Jesus Christ
25 Sun PENTECOST 3 for 'Start-Up Stirling' and Food Bank
26 Mon Robert Leighton, Bishop 1684, for local Councils of Churches
27 Tue Alexander Jolly, Bishop 1838, for the Revd Graham Willey
28 Wed Irenaeus of Lyons, Bishop & Teacher 202, for the Revd Val Nellist
29 Thu Peter the Apostle, for David our Bishop and Primus
30 for Helen Kemp, our Protection of Vulnerable Groups Officer


Prayer is a vital component in Christian life. It is central to all our services and we encourage individual prayer and prayer by informal groups.


Prayer anthology 

A selection of our favourite prayers, to help you express your feelings to God and to draw comfort and support from Him.