Holy Trinity Scottish Episcopal Church, Stirling



Sunday 20 May

Sidesfolk: C Shiels, L Martin

Sunday 27 May
Sidesfolk: B & H Piper
Reader: A Pont
Intercessions: D Brown 

Sunday 3 June
Sidesfolk: H Kemp, C Brims
Reader: J Foster
Intercessions: A Pont

Sunday 10 June
Sidesfolk: D & S Goss
Reader: R Campbell
Intercessions: C Johnston

Sunday 17 June
Sidesfolk: L & B Mair

Sunday 24 June
Sidesfolk: F Macleod, C Shiels
Reader: E Williams
Intercessions: A Shaw

Please note that there are no Readers or Intercessions listed for the third Sunday in the month, the all Age Eucharist Service. Eitehr HT Kidz will read the lessons and lead Intercessions, or adult volunteers will be found on the day.