Holy Trinity Scottish Episcopal Church, Stirling

Revd Christoph Wutscher

Dear all,

BEING and the contemplative life which stems from it are really all that matters. Yet we have to live active lives, we have to do something in order to survive. At the very least, we have to eat and drink, which are activities - and the food needs to come from somewhere!

There are two problems with doing and busyness: on the one hand we might feel that we are so busy that we haven't got any time to be still and miss a deeper quality to life. On the other hand, we sometimes might feel that we haven't got anything 'to do' and therefore feel that we do not contribute to life as we ought to.

But there is no pure contemplative life either for even if we reduced activeness to a minimum, there would still be something left for us to do.

But whatever we do, we must remember that it is meant to support our BEING. At this time of HARVEST THANKSGIVING we are reminded that All good gifts around us are meant to sustain our being and not our doing (even if we have to work and do something!).

In this season, we have the chance of offering back our thanks to God our creator for the gifts of life and all that sustains it (food, relationships and the beauty of creation) - wherever we are and whatever our contribution. And remember that despite all our efforts to do things and to be successful, we need God's BEING as the basis of everything we do and are:

We plough the fields, and scatter
the good seed on the land,
but it is fed and watered
by God's almighty hand:
he sends the snow in winter,
the warmth to swell the grain,
the breezes, and the sunshine,
and soft, refreshing rain.
All good gifts around us
are sent from heaven above;
then thank the Lord, O thank the Lord,
for all his love.

(Matthias Claudius 1740-1815, tr. Jane Montgomery Campbell 1817-1878)

Yours in Christ,