Holy Trinity Scottish Episcopal Church, Stirling

Revd Christoph Wutscher

Dear all,

We had an excellent Christmas Tree Festival in December (thanks to the efforts of Fiona Thornton and Helen Kemp, as well as many others who helped over the course of the weekend). A lot of hard work had to be invested in order to make this happen and I am very grateful to those who generously offered of their time, talent and resources in aid of this great weekend.

This festival wasn't meant to be a fundraising event (although there was some of this, mainly to cover the costs), but was aimed at opening the church to visitors and to give some space for exploration, fellowship, prayer and wonder. It always strikes me how many conversations I have with people who tell me that they've never been inside our church (although they've lived in Stirling for a long time)!

Exactly because Holy Trinity seems to be one of the better kept secrets here in Stirling, events such as the Christmas Tree Festival are important for putting us more firmly on the spiritual map of Stirling. After all, OPEN CHURCH is one of our 'informal' priorities (among FLEXIBLE SPACE AND DEEP ENCOUNTER) here at Holy Trinity and that needs to be remembered in our prayer and worship, community life and outreach work.

So do not forget to tell others about our space and life and continue to contribute to our OPEN CHURCH work!

Yours in Christ,