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The Holy Bible

Holy BibleChristians recognise the Holy Bible as of particular importance in helping them live their lives. The Bible is a collection of writings, written over a period of nearly a millennium, which comprises the Old Testament - the writings which are common to Christians and Jews - and the New Testament - which narrates the life of Jesus in the four Gospels, followed by reflectons on his life and its meaning by the apostle Paul and others among his earliest followers. Some Bibles incude the Apocrypha, a number of books which do not possesss the same sancity as those of the Old and New Testaments, but which are nevertheless regarded as being divinely inspired. Christians may vary in their approaches to the Bible, but all recognise it as being of particular importance in living their lives and of fundamental imortance to their faith.

The Bible has been translated into every modern language. We generally use the New Revised Standard Version, from which all Biblical quotations on this website are taken. However, we don't say that you must read this one at home: many other versions are available. While considering which one to buy, have a look at the website of the Scottish Bible Society. You can also browse a good selection of Bibles in the Faith Mission Bookshop at 36 Barnton Street, Stirling. Note that you don't have to bring a Bible to church with you.

For more online information about Christianity, have a look at the BBC Christianity pages

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