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Bishop and Imam in GlasgowWe defend the right of other  faiths to co-exist peacefully with each other and to worship God in their own way, in this country and in every other country throughout the world. The Scottish Episcopal Church is a member of the Scottish Inter-Faith Council, which promotes inter-faith understanding. It's important to realise that the love of God and love of neighbour lies at the core of all major religions.

In August 2005, as Christian and Muslim leaders united in support for the Disasters Emergency Committee (DEC) Niger Crisis Appeal, Rt Rev. Idris Jones, Bishop of Glasgow and Galloway (now Primus), and Imam Habib Rauf from Glasgow Central Mosque came together to make a joint donation (see picture above).

On that occasion, Bishop Idris said, �It is important for Christians and Muslims together to show that we are all God�s children and have a common humanitarian response to the needs of others. Our Lord Jesus Christ reminds us that care for children is a priority and encourages them to come to Him�. Imam Habib added �Whatever our religion we are neighbours, whether here in Scotland or across the world. The prophet Mohammed (peace be upon him) said, �Whoever sleeps on a full stomach while his neighbour goes hungry is not one of us�. It is not an option but an obligation to help the poor and needy in the third world�

In Stirling, the local Islamic Centre holds an annual open day in  September, which is always worth a visit.

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