Holy Trinity Scottish Episcopal Church, Stirling

Other Christian denominations

Good Friday Walk of WitnessAt Holy Trinity, we're thankful for the freedom that we have to worship God in our own way, especially as we were once a persecuted and suffering church, even here in Stirling (see The suffering century: 1694-1795). In our Nicene Creed (see Scottish Liturgy 1982), we declare that "We believe in one holy catholic and apostolic Church". In that 'catholic' (i.e. 'universal') church, we now include Christian denominations from the Roman Catholic, Protestant, Anglican, Orthodox, Reformed and Pentecostal traditions. We uphold the right of all Christian denominations to worship God peacefully in their own way in every country in the world.

Locally, we belong to the ecumenical organisation Christians Together in Stirling, in which we join representatives of the Baptist Church, Church of Scotland, Methodist Church, New Life Pentecostal Church, Roman Catholic Church, Salvation Army and United Free Church of Scotland in activities that emphasise our common purpose.

The Scottish Episcopal Church is a member of Action of Churches Together in Scotland (ACTS) and Churches Together in Britain and Ireland (CTBI), which bring together churches from the Roman Catholic, Protestant, Anglican, Orthodox, Reformed and Pentecostal traditions. CTBI liaises with ecumenical bodies in Britain and Ireland, including ACTS, as well as ecumenical organizations at European and world levels. The work of ACTS and CTBI includes church life, church and society, mission, inter-faith relations, international affairs and racial justice. They provide a forum for joint decision-making and enable churches to take action together.

The General Secretaries of both ACTS and CBTI have strong connections with St Ninian's Cathedal, Perth. The General Secretary of ACTS, Rev. Kevin Franz was formerly Provost (1990-99) and a Canon (2000-2005) of St Ninian's Cathedral and the General Secretary of CTBI, Rev. Bob Fyffe, was formerly Rector of St John the Baptist, Perth and a Canon of St Ninian�s Cathedral.

The Scottish Episcopal Church is involved in other joint initiatives with Christians of other denominations throughout the world.

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