Holy Trinity Scottish Episcopal Church, Stirling

Prayer and Prayer Diary

There's so much about our church that we can pray for. Please build these suggestions into your own prayers, day by day.

Prayer Diary for March 2021

29 MONDAY IN HOLY WEEK, for the health & well-being of Ambulance Service
30 TUE IN HOLY WEEK, for victims of domestic abuse & for Stirling Women’s Aid
31 WED IN HOLY WEEK, may we have the gift of patience while lockdown is eased

Prayer Diary for April 2021

1 MAUNDY THURSDAY, that we love one another for the love of Our Lord
2 GOOD FRIDAY for the perpetrators and victims of torture
3 HOLY SATURDAY, from our darkness and despair may the Risen Light of Christ
4 EASTER DAY Alleluia! Christ is Risen! Alleluia He is Risen, indeed Alleluia!
5 EASTER MONDAY, for the fellowship we share in the mystery of the Resurrection
6 EASTER TUESDAY, for those rebuilding their lives and livelihoods
7 EASTER WEDNESDAY, let us rejoice at the good things and new skills acquired
8 EASTER THURSDAY for children in care; for the Aberlour Childcare Trust
9 Fri Dietrich Bonhoeffer, Martyr, 1945 “This is the end - for me, it is the beginning of life”
10 Sat William Law, Priest, 1761, for victims of domestic abuse & Stirling Women’s Aid
11 EASTER 2 for pharmacies and their care and response to women exposed to threat
12 Mon William Forbes, Bishop, 1634, for Ian our Bishop
13 Tue for Rachel Campbell, Secretary & Vestry Members
14 Wed for Robert Nellist, our Treasurer & Diocesan PVG Officer
15 Thu for Cathy Johnston, our Lay Representative
16 Fri Magnus of Orkney, c1116, that the Festival in some form is held this year
17 Sat Donnan, Abbot & Companions, Martyrs, c617, for The Revd Graham Willey
18 EASTER 3 for Alistair, Sarah, Gen and Youth and Children’s ministries
19 Mon for the continuing valuable fellowship of “Tiny Tots Café”
20 Tue Maelrubha of Applecross, Abbot, 722, for those “in hospitality and tourism”
21 Wed Anselm of Canterbury, Bishop & Teacher, 1109, for Archbishop Justin Welby
22 Thu for our Director of Music Alistair Warwick, Choir & Music Group
23 Fri George, Martyr, c303 for the Scout Movement and for more leaders
24 Sat the 40th Birthday Tea Party for Strathcarron Hospice
25 EASTER 4 Vocations Sunday, for those considering a call to lay or ordained
26 Mon Mark, Evangelist, for the Scottish Episcopal Institute
27 Tue Albert Ernest Laurie, priest, 1937, for Revd Christoph Wutscher, our Rector
28 Wed for Helen Kemp, HT Safeguarding and PVG Officer
29 Thu Catherine of Siena, 1380, for those physically, mentally & emotionally exhausted
30 Fri Pandita Mary Ramabai, 1922, Social Activist, for The Revd Val Nellist

Saints and Heroes inspiring our prayers in April

9th Dietrich Bonhoeffer, 1945 was a German pastor and theologian whose influence

and theological thinking has been profound, especially when his writings were

available in English after the war. Since the 1930’s he actively campaigned against

the Nazis. He was arrested in 1943 and executed on 9 April 1945. Read Letters &

Papers from Prison and discover the faith, compassion, and humour of this saintly


10th William Law, Priest, 1761, priest and spiritual writer. He led a life of great

simplicity and devotion and helped to establish schools and works of charity. His

writings, such as A Serious Call to a Holy Life inspired others, like John and Charles

Wesley to take their Christian discipleship seriously.

23rd George, Martyr, c303 Patron Saint of England. At the time of the Crusades a

manual that encouraged piety by following the lives of saints was popular. Its title

was The Golden Legend. The soldiers chose George who slew the Dragon as their

example of courage and chivalry with a badge of a red cross on a white background

and a national flag. The Scout Association also chose George as an example of

courage and how to overcome adversity.

26th Albert Ernest Laurie, priest, 1937 was the Rector of Old St Paul’s, Edinburgh

1890-1937. He is revered as a faithful parish priest and pastor whose untiring

devotion and hard work among all sorts and conditions of people in the Old Town

made him greatly loved. He served as a chaplain in WW1 and was awarded the MC

and Bar in 1916.

29th Catherine of Siena, 1380 was born in the middle of a pandemic, ‘The Black

Death’ and so a saint for our time. A member of the Dominican Order, her advice

was sought by many, from the humblest people to the Pope. Known as a mystic and

contemplative her many letters show a clear teaching and her active love of God and

neighbour. But she was outspoken about corruption and did penance that the

Church might be cleansed.

30th Pandita Mary Ramabai 1858-1922. An Indian social activist with a strong

interest in God’s love and justice demonstrated in the way she carried out her work.

Although rejected for medical training because of her increasing deafness, she

encouraged women to train as doctors. She rescued thousands of orphans and child

widows and other destitute women and provided shelter and safety at the Mission

still active today, providing housing, education and training.

Prayer anthology

A selection of our favourite prayers, to help you express your feelings to God and to draw comfort and support from Him.

Saints and Heroes