Holy Trinity Scottish Episcopal Church, Stirling

Prayer and Prayer Diary

There's so much about our church that we can pray for. Please build these suggestions into your own prayers, day by day.

Prayer Diary for July 2019

22  Mon Mary Magdalene, for the Revd Val Nellist
23  Tue for the Revd Graham Willey
24  Wed for the Bible Study Group at the Rectory in the morning
25  Thu James the Apostle, for the Bible Study Group in the Church Hall this evening
26  Fri Anne and Joachim, for HTKidz and leaders Sarah, Gen and Alistair
27  Sat Mark Thornton, Fabric and Buildings Convener and Holy Dusters
28  Sun TRINITY 6, for the 'Strathcarron Compassionate Communities'
29  Mon Martha and Mary of Bethany, for Cathy Johnston, Lay Representative
30  Tue Silas, Companion of St Paul, for the members of Holy Trinity Vestry
31  Wed Ignatius Loyola, Priest and Religious, for the Bible Study Group at the Rectory in the morning

Prayer Diary for August 2019

1     Thu for those attending the Bible Study in the Church Hall
2     Fri for our Muslim friends and neighbours 
3     Sat for Stirling Art Club exhibiting in the Church Hall

4     Sun TRINITY 7 for Ashley and Sam marrying in Holy Trinity today
5     Mon Oswald martyr, 642, for Christoph at Societas Liturgica Conference
6     Tue Transfiguration of Our Lord, for Altar Servers: Jim, Brian, Mike & Suzanne
7     Wed Boisil, Prior of Melrose, c. 642, for Holy Trinity Vestry members
8     Thu Dominic, Priest & Friar, for pupils receiving exam results this week
9     Fri John Mason Neale, Priest, the National Scottish Youth Orchestra 40th Anniversary
10   Sat Lawrence, Deacon & Martyr, 258, for 'Start Up Stirling' and Foodbank
11   Sun TRINITY 8 for the 'Sacred Music Studies Week' in Holy Trinity
12   Mon Blane, Missionary, c 590, for the Revd Graham Willey
13   Tue Jeremy Taylor, Bishop, 1667, for Mary Kenyon and floral arrangers
14.  Wed Maximillien Kolbe, Priest & Martyr, 1940, for those who risk their lives for others
15    Thu Mary, Mother of our Lord, for the members of the Mothers' Union
16    Fri for Robert Nellist, our Treasurer & Diocesan PVG Officer
17    Sat for those taking part in the 'Stirling Highland Games'
18    Sun TRINITY 9 for Rachel Campbell, our Vestry Secretary and Alternative Lay Rep
19    Mon for school teachers and assistants starting a new term
20    Tue Bernard of Clairvaux, for Revd Christoph Wutscher, our Rector
21    Wed for "First Day" pupils and those returningto school today
22    Thu  for Alistair Warwick, our Director of Music, Choir and Music Group
23     Fri for those who use the Church Hall and Sarah Shaw, Convener
24     Sat Bartholomew, Apostle, for Ian our Bishop
25     Sun TRINITY 10 for Helen Kemp, Safeguarding and PVG Co-ordinator
26     Mon for Cathy Johnston, Lay Representative
27     Tue Monica, Mother of Augustine of Hippo, for victims of abusive relationships  
28     Wed Augustine of Hippo, Bishop & Teacher, for those who offer Counselling
29     Thu Beheading of John the Baptist, HTKidz & leaders Sarah, Gen & Alistair
30     Fri for Mark Thornton, Fabric & Buildings Convener and for 'Holy Dusters'
31     Sat Aidan of Lindisfarne, Bishop, 651, for the Revd Val Nellist


This year's Summer Bible Study will look into the Letter to the Hebrews. Verses from this piece of writing feature prominently during the Church Year, particularly at Christmas and Easter. Written for second-generation Christians who were eagerly awaiting the Coming of God's Kingdom, the text urges them to stay on track and follow Christ's example and to be faithful in their relationship with God. This very carefully and elegantly crafted piece of writing is a reflection on Christ, through whom God has spoken and continues to speak.

There will be two groups running:

Wednesday mornings at the Rectory: 17, 24 and 31 July

Thursday evenings in the Church Hall: 18 and 25 July and 1 August

Prayer anthology

A selection of our favourite prayers, to help you express your feelings to God and to draw comfort and support from Him.