Holy Trinity Scottish Episcopal Church, Stirling

Prayer and Prayer Diary

There's so much about our church that we can pray for. Please build these suggestions into your own prayers, day by day.

Prayer Diary for September 2020 

1 Tue for Robert Nellist, our Treasurer & Diocesan PVG Officer

2 Wed Martyrs of New Guinea,  for those making courageous decisions

3 Thu Gregory the Great, Bishop, Teacher 604, for Ian our Bishop

4 Fri for Cathy Johnston our Lay Representative

5 Sat For those separated from sick loved ones because of Covid 19  

6 TRINTY 13 Thanksgiving for communication technology during Lockdown  

7 Mon for the fellowship of ‘Tiny Tots Café’                            

8 Tue Birth of Virgin Mary, for the Mothers Union     

9 Wed for Rachel Campbell, Vestry Secretary & Alt Lay Rep & Vestry

10 Thu, for those affected by the cancellation of the Edinburgh Festivals

11 Fri following the explosion, for generous and sustained aid for Beirut             

12 Sat for peace and a stable and just government in Lebanon   

13 TRNITY 14, that we lose hate & bitterness and learn to forgiveness

14 Mon for Libby, Liza, Mike,  & Anne and all who produce HT Magazine

15 Tue those teaching & studying at this difficult time

16 Wed Ninian of Whithorn, 430, for Revd Christoph Wutscher, our Rector

17 Thu Hildegard of Bingen, 1179, for Alistair Warwick, Choir & Music Group  

18 Fri for care and healing of those of all ages who have  mental illness 

19 Sat for HT Kidz & leaders Sarah, Gen & Alistair                                    

20 TRINITY 15, for those who have lost jobs during lockdown and seeking work

21 Mon Matthew, Apostle & Evangelist, that giving to charities is sustained

22 Tue for Helen Kemp, Safeguarding and PVG Coordinator at Holy Trinity

23 Wed Adamnan  of Iona, Abbot 704, for the Revd Val Nellist      

24 Thu for PM Boris Johnson and FM  Nicola Sturgeon and their advisers

25 Fri Finnbar of Caithness, Bishop, 610, for the Revd Graham Willey

26 Sat for those who work on all forms public transport

27 TRINITY 16 for Stirling Fire & Rescue Services & their families 

28 Mon those providing personal care in “own” and “residential” homes.

29 Tue Michael & All Angels, our Altar Servers: Jim, Brian, Mike & Suzanne

30 Wed Jerome, Priest & Teacher 420, those seeking a Covid 19 Vaccine 

Prayer anthology

A selection of our favourite prayers, to help you express your feelings to God and to draw comfort and support from Him.

Saints and Heroes

Some Saints & Heroes to direct our prayers in September

2nd Martyrs of New Guinea 1942. When the Japanese bombed Rabaul, the                 capital of New Guinea in Jan 1942 Bishop Philip Strong broadcast to all his                       missionary staff to remain at their posts “The history of the Church tells us                       that missionaries do not think of themselves in their hour of crisis, but of                           their Master who called them and of the people whom he trusts them you serve. I cannot guarantee we shall come through this unscathed. One thing only I can guarantee is that if we do not forsake Christ in Papua New Guinea, he will not forsake us”. Ten Missionaries and two local church workers died brutally. The Bishop was much criticised after the war for not taking them to safety, but the witness of these martyrs is remembered continues to be an inspiration for the Church in PNG.  

17th Hildegard of Bingen, Abbess,1098 - 1179. Since early childhood she had supernatural religious experiences and after entering a Benedictine community.

26 of her visions and explanations from God were set down in three volumes. She wrote on a wide range of subjects from music, medicine, natural history and Bible commentaries. 

21st Matthew, Apostle & Evangelist. One of the Four Evangelists, (also known as Levi).  He was a Collector of Taxes for the Romans ruling their country and one of the most despised professions of the day. To make it worse the  only way to make a living was to corruptly overcharge the people and pocket the difference, and some were very rich and the embodiment of sin. When Jesus called him to be a disciple he is proclaiming by both word and action that no one is excluded, not even those society considers “beyond redemption”.  Matthew with his understanding of finance paid particular attention to the  statements and stories Jesus made about money when he wrote his Gospel. 

29th Michael & All Angels. Messengers from God who come to us in various ways  as protectors and guides and join with us in worship. “Therefore with Angels and Archangels,” leading us into the Sanctus and the depth of holiness of the Eucharist. What a real joy it will be when we can ALL, once again soon, be able to sing together with the Angels and all the Company of Heaven, “Holy, Holy Holy”.