Holy Trinity Scottish Episcopal Church, Stirling

Prayer and Prayer Diary

There's so much about our church that we can pray for. Please build these suggestions into your own prayers, day by day.

Prayer Diary for October 2021


26    Tue, for those keeping us in touch through Magazine & Web
27    Wed, for those who use the Hall & for Sarah Shaw, its Convenor
28    Thu Simon & Jude, Apostles, for Altar Servers, Brian, Mike & Suzanne
29    Fri James Hannington, Bishop & Companions, Martyrs, 1885, for The Revd Val Nellist
30    Sat for those gathering in Glasgow for COP26 1-12 Nov from across the world
31    PENTECOST 23 that REAL Climate change decisions can emerge from COP26

Prayer Diary for November 2021

1    Mon All Saints, for those gathered in Glasgow for COP26 1-12 Nov
2    Tue All Souls, for those of our Holy Trinity family who have died this past year
3    Wed Richard Hooker, Priest & Teacher 1600, for Revd Christoph Wutscher our Rector
4    Thu for the safety and welfare of our MSPs and MPs
5    Fri for Rachel Campbell, Vestry Secretary & Vestry Members
6    Sat, for Cathy Johnston our Lay Representative
7    PENTECOST 24, Sponsored Walk for Diabetes Type 1 families at FVRH
8    Mon for “The Time is Now” The COP 26 Christian Aid Event
9    Tue George Hay Forbes, Priest 1875, for The Revd Val Nellist
10    Wed Leo the Great, Bishop & Teacher 461, for our Altar Servers
11    Thu Martin of Tours, c 397, for those who care for War Cemeteries & the visitors
12    Fri Machar, Bishop. C600, for Bishop Ann Dyer & Diocese of Aberdeen & Orkney
13    Sat, for Mary Kenyon, Flowers Convenor
14    REMEMBRANCE SUNDAY for the devotion of the Royal British Legion & SSAFA
15    Mon for those suffering the distress of mental illness
16    Tue Margaret of Scotland 1093, for those who teach & learn in Stirling schools
17    Wed Hilda of Whitby, 680, the Whitby Sisters (Order of the Holy Paraclete)
18    Thu Fergus, Bishop, c750, for The Revd Graham Willey
19    Fri for Robert Nellist our Treasurer & Diocesan PVG person
20    Sat for HTKidZ & Alistair & Sarah Shaw
21    Sun CHRIST THE KING for Ian our Bishop who leads us to God’s Kingdom
22    Mon Cecilia, Martyr, c230, for Alistair Warwick, Director of Music, Choir & Music
23    Tue Clement of Rome, Bishop & Martyr c100, for Pope Francis
24    Wed Lucy Menzies, 1954, for spiritual directors & prayer guides
25    Thu that a warm welcome to Stirling is given to Afghan refugees
26    Fri for The Iris Murdoch Centre, Stirling University
27    Sat for Helen Kemp our PVG Co-ordinator
28    FIRST SUNDAY OF ADVENT, that I am “stirred up” to love God & my neighbour
29    Mon for those who use the Hall & for Sarah Shaw, its Convenor
30    Tue Andrew, Apostle, Patron of Scotland, for wise & generous governance of

Saints and Heroes inspiring our prayers in November


29th James Hannington, & Companions, Martyrs, 1885: on learning of the murder of

previous missionaries, James felt called to replace them without delay. But his first
attempt to do so had to be abandoned because of his bouts of illness. When he did
eventually arrive as Bishop of Uganda in the area where the previous missionaries
had been killed, both he and his companions were also murdered within a few weeks.

In December 2015 the Rt Rev John Crook took over the Prayer Diary slot
in the Church magazine and he has faithfully and thoughtfully provided this
resource ever since. He was continuing a tradition established by Alison
Peden and continued by Val Nellist but in addition he added the Saints
and Heroes section. Here is his introduction to the section:
“We have a Calendar with the names of many saints and ‘heroes’, but they
represent only a small fraction of the vast multitude of men, women and
children, named and unnamed who down the ages have witnessed to their faith
in Jesus Christ. The ‘named’ ones have been given ‘days’ commemorated in
Calendars. You will see that the ‘Prayer Diaries’ mention the names of men,
women and even young children. Some you will recognise as saints honoured by
The Church and allocated special days in a Calendar. Many others, ‘known
only to God’ without their own day are gathered up in the Feast of All Saints.
But there are others, not ‘canonised’ as saints and mainly modern, who are
known to have lived holy and courageous lives of Christian discipleship. They
should inspire us today. When compiling a Prayer Diary I have used the names
of these people to attach to our daily petitions and have written brief notes about
each of these ‘saints and heroes’ to help and maybe encourage you to discover
more about them! Note how many resonate with events in our lives today.

This month is John’s final contribution to the pages of the magazine.
He is facing surgery and needs time to recuperate. We wish him well.
As a way of demonstrating your gratitude, you are invited to send in
your messages of appreciation to John for the Prayer Diary and the
Saints and Heroes pages. They will be published in the Christmas double

Prayer anthology

Prayer anthology

A selection of our favourite prayers, to help you express your feelings to God and to draw comfort and support from Him.

Saints and Heroes