Holy Trinity Scottish Episcopal Church, Stirling

Prayer and Prayer Diary

There's so much about our church that we can pray for. Please build these suggestions into your own prayers, day by day.

Prayer Diary for September 2021

1    Wed for Primus Mark and the College of Bishops
2    Thu Martyrs of New Guinea 1942, for Archbishop Nathan of Papua New Guinea
3    Fri Gregory the Great, Bishop &Teacher 604, for Ian our Bishop
4    Sat Rachel Campbell, our Vestry Secretary & Vestry Members
5    PENTECOST 15 for physical & emotional strength as we leave restrictions
6    Mon for Cathy Johnston our Lay Rep
7    Tue for Robert Nellist our Treasurer
8    Wed Nativity of Mary, for St Mary’s, Aberfoyle’s new Rector Jon Connel & family
9    Thu for Alistair Warwick, Director of Music, the Choir & Music Group
10    Fri for HTKidZ & Alistair & Sarah Shaw
11    Sat    “9/11 twenty years on” for those still grieving
12    PENTECOST 16 for Secretary General John Stuart & General Synod staff
13    Mon Cyprian of Carthage (210-258), for vulnerable minority Christians
14    Tue Holy Cross Day, for the Minister & all at Holy Rude, Stirling
15    Wed for Mary Kenyon, Flowers Convenor
16    Thu Ninian of Whithorn c430, for all at St Ninians Old Parish Church, Stirling
17    Fri Hildegard of Bingen (1098-1179), for The Revd Christoph Wutscher our Rector
18    Sat for those who clean our Church building
19    PENTECOST 17 that we continue to share the new skills learned during Covid
20    Mon John Coleridge Patterson, Bishop & Martyr (1827-1871), for The Revd Val Nellist
21    Tue Matthew Apostle & Evangelist, for the Magazine Team
22    Wed for the care of all ages suffering with mental illness
23    Thu Adamnan of Iona, 704, for Altar Servers, Brian, Mike & Suzanne
24    Fri, for the patients & staff at FVRH
25    Sat Finnbar of Caithness, c610, for The Revd Graham Willey
26    PENTECOST 18 for those who use the Hall & for Sarah Shaw, Convenor
27    Mon Vincent de Paul, priest 1660, for ‘Start up Stirling’ & Foodbank
28    Tue, for Helen Kemp our PVG Co-ordinator
29    Wed Michael & All Angels, that we recognise angels amongst us
30    Thu Jerome, Priest & Teacher, for the Scottish Episcopal Institute

Saints and Heroes inspiring our prayers in September

2nd Martyrs of New Guinea 1942. When the Japanese invaded Papua New
Guinea there were many missionaries of different denominations working
there. Many left before the invasion but of those who remained 200 died,
many of them executed by the Japanese. The witness of the PNG martyrs
continues to be an inspiration to rebuild the church.

16th Ninian of Whithorn c430. He is the first known bishop of the post-
Roman period who, influenced by Martin of Tours, built a “shining white
house of stone” on the Wigtonshire coast which has been a place of
pilgrimage. Recent archaeological excavations are authenticating traditions
of him and his mission of followers across Scotland including Stirling.

17th Hildegard of Bingen (1098 -1179) was a most remarkable woman. As a
Benedictine she founded her own Convent overlooking the Rhine. She was a
visionary, a poet, composer and dramatist and wrote about contemporary
science and medicine. Down the centuries her name lapsed into obscurity
and only recently returned to prominence in the 20th century when
contemporary concerns were to be found echoed in her writings.

29th Michael & All Angels. The angels of God surround us always.
Although it is most unlikely that we recognise these messengers as
guardians with wings, but rather as an understanding of receiving God’s
direction. Covid 19 restrictions never separate us from this Heavenly Host;
during private prayer and corporate worship we can be aware of the
presence of angels. Full participation with hands and voices has been
denied to us for too long, but as we emerge from lockdown we can once
again: now offer you our praise with angels and archangels and the whole company
of heaven singing the hymn of your unending glory:

Holy, holy, holy Lord
God of power and might,
Heaven and earth are full of your glory
Hosanna in the highest

Prayer anthology

A selection of our favourite prayers, to help you express your feelings to God and to draw comfort and support from Him.

Saints and Heroes