Holy Trinity Scottish Episcopal Church, Stirling

Rev. Geoffrey Edmund Rundell, B.A. (1955-60)

Rev. Geoffrey E. RundellRev. Currie was succeeded by Rev. Geoffrey Edmund Rundell, Curate at St John�s Edinburgh. Rev. Rundell quickly became aware of the scattered nature of his congregation and initiated a system of lay-visiting, whereby a group of members was organised to visit those whom the Rector could not visit himself and keep in touch with them. The free-will offering scheme took a new lease of life under Miss Tasker, who raised the membership considerably. Two collections were taken for a new church to be built in Cumbernauld. The foundation stone of this church, the Church of the Holy Name, was laid on 9 June 1961 and it was dedicated on 22 September 1962. Its second Rector, Rev. J. W. McIntyre, would subsequently serve in the same capacity at Holy Trinity.

Anonymous donors gave new green vestments for the Rector�s use and wooden altar crosses and candlesticks for Lent. Miss Stirling of Gargunnock gave the railings on the side of the chancel steps, to supply help to those who needed it. A fund was also raised to provide a flat for a curate at 9 Newhouse. Two curates occupied this flat, Rev. James Aidan Richardson (1956-58) and Rev. David Leigh Redwood (1959-61).

Perhaps the most important event of Rev. Rundell�s ministry was the decision to erect the Church Hall. Estimates, not to exceed �4,000, were asked for and Mr Curtis took over the arduous task of managing the Hall�s affairs. An appeal was sent out and a committee appointed in 1960.

Shortly afterwards, the Rector resigned, to take charge of the parish of Alvanley in Cheshire. The Vestry, praising his achievements, noting the flourishing of the various organisations and the improvement in good neighbourliness, urged him to reconsider his decision, but he held to it for family reasons, to the great regret of his congregation.

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