Holy Trinity Scottish Episcopal Church, Stirling

Rev. Kenneth Malcolm Sutherland-Graeme, M.A., (1927-1931)

Rev. K. M. Sutherland-GraemeRev. Osborn resigned in 1926 to become Vicar at St Margaret's, Prestwich, Lancashire. He was succeeded by Rev. Kenneth Malcolm Sutherland-Graeme, whose transfer to a larger charge was agreed to by St Mary's, Dunblane, where he had served for one year only. He presided over the fiftieth anniversary celebrations of the church building in 1928. Mr J. W. Campbell, having retired after many years as treasurer of the church, had written articles for the church magazine on its past history. Rev. Sutherland-Graeme prefaced the celebrations with a week of devotion culminating in a quiet afternoon, conducted by Rt Rev. George Walpole, Bishop of Edinburgh. On the day itself, there were both said and sung celebrations of Holy Communion, Rt Rev. Charles Plumb, Bishop of St Andrews, Dunkeld & Dunblane, preached at Matins and at Festal Evensong. At Matins, the three “founders” and the first incumbent of the new church, Rev. Clement Coldwell, were commemorated by name. On the following Sunday, Rev, Coldwell's son preached at both morning and evening services.

In the same year, the local priory of the Scottish Guild of Servers was formed. It was a part of the Fraternity of St Francis and continued to hold the allegiance of long-serving members and to train up young boys to lollow in their footsteps.

In February 1930, Sir Douglas Seton-Steuart, the last of the family, died. Mr J. W. Campbell whote a tribute to him in the church magazine. He had been a worthy successor to his distinguished forebears and in “his self-sacrificing personality he may truly be said to have robbed himself that he might give to others”. In the same year, Miss Drummond resigned after thirty-five years as Infant Mistress in the Day School.

Rev. Sutherland-Graeme was offered, in May 1931, the charge of the Cathedral congregation at St Paul's, Dundee, an office carrying much greater responsibility, but he and his wife left “the neighbourhood, the beautiful church, but above all the kind and friendly people” with regret.

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