Holy Trinity Scottish Episcopal Church, Stirling

Visiting Stirling?

What to see

Holy Trinity from south-eastIf you're a visitor to Stirling, we invite you to come and see inside our beautiful church building. It's the only Episcopal church in Stirling and our fascinating history is displayed for all to see in its memorials, stained glass and devotional artefacts and fittings. Please follow the links below to learn about our:

When to come

As a working church, you'll see us at our best by coming to one of our services. Have a look at our service times to find out if you could fit us in during your visit.

We'll be open to visitors on all Saturday afternoons in August and September from 2 p.m. until 4.30 p.m.

A walk to the Castle

Holy Trinity fits neatly into a walk between the city centre and the Castle. Note that substantial parts of this route aren't wheelchair accessible. Please follow this link for a street plan of Stirling.

Route description: from the rail station, cross Goosecroft Road using the pedestrian crossing outside the main entrance. Turn left and follow Station Road round to the right. Cross Station Road using another pedestrian crossing and turn to the right. Follow the road round to the left into Murray Place, past the Clydesdale Bank and MacDonald's. Keep going along Murray Place, bending slightly to the right, heading for a pedestrianised shopping area. At the bottom of King Street, look up to your right and head uphill towards the Steeple of the former Atheneum building, keeping to the left hand side of the road. As you reach the Steeple, follow the road round to the left, into Corn Exchange Road. The Library is now on your left and the Municipal Buildings on your right. Cross Corn Exchange Road at a suitable point, onto the same side as the Municipal Buildings, and follow the main road downhill to the Albert Halls. Carry on past the Albert Halls and Holy Trinity is next on your right! If we're open, you're most welcome to come in.

Once you come out of, or pass, Holy Trinity, keep going along the main road until you come to the Smith Art Gallery & Museum. This is always worth a visit - have a look at their What's on guide. When you come out of the Smith, turn immediately left, then left again into Victoria Road. At the end of this road, follow the path heading uphill to the right until it joins the Back Walk, near the Stirling Highland Hotel. Turn left onto the Back Walk and, as you climb, enjoy the developing view over the King's Park and the 19th century villas built around its eastern fringe. Keep going uphill until you come to an iron gate leading into the Valley Cemetery. Go through this gate and keep going up until you find you're on top of the Ladies' Rock, where women of the court are said to have watched mediaeval jousting and other entertainments on the castle grounds below. In the 17th century, formal gardens were created in these grounds of which only the King's Knot remains. There's a spectacular view over the Carse of Stirling to the mountains beyond! Look around you for the Church of the Holy Rude, because that's where you're heading next.

When you come down from the Ladies' Rock, turn to your left and follow the roadway, taking a slight detour via the Star Pyramid, until you come to the Church of the Holy Rude. This is the oldest suriving church building in Stirling (although the ruined old church of St Ninians is probably on the oldest church site). See one of our History pages for why this church is also part of our heritage. The Church of the Holy Rude belongs to the Church of Scotland and is open to visitors.

When you emerge from the Church of the Holy Rude, you may also like to take a look at Cowane's Hospital. After this, head downhill alongside the Church of the Holy Rude, then turn left, past Mar's Wark and continue heading uphill. You'll then come to Argyll's Lodging, which is well worth a visit. Look for the set of steps beside the Portcullis Hotel and use then to access Stirling Castle through the car park. Just keep heading for the Castle - you can't miss it!

When you come out of the Castle, don't go back through the car park. Follow the main road instead past the Royal Burgh of Stirling Visitor Centre. When the road forks, just beyong Argyll's Lodging, follow the street to the left, Broad Street. This takes you into the heart of Stirling Old Town. About halfway down, you'll see the Mercat Cross and the Tolbooth building, now a centre for the arts, which is open to visitors. Have a look at What's on there. At the far end of Broad Street, directly facing you, is Darnley's House, now a coffee house. You may like to take a look at it or even take a break there. If you do, come back up to the Tolbooth and, after this, go along Jail Wynd, the lane from which you access the Tolbooth, to the Old Town Jail, a visitor experience not to be missed!

When you come out, turn right and keep going straight downhill, past Stirling Youth Hostel (formerly the Erskine Marykirk, built by the Stirling United Associate Church, an 18th century breakaway from the Church of Scotland) and the Stirling Highland Hotel. This will take you back to the Steeple at the top of King Street. Here you have a choice. If you want to go to a traditional shopping area, go round the front of the Steeple, cross King Street and go round the corner of Sportsters into Friars Street. The Oxfam Bookshop at the foot of Friars Street is always worth a visit. If you want to go back to the station or to the main shopping centre, go back down King Street. If you want to go to the main Tourist Information Centre, go to the right down Corn Exchange Road, then turn left at the Library going downhill. At the bottom, you'll see the Tourist Information Centre on the other side of Dumbarton Road. 

We hope that you'll enjoy your visit and that we'll be part of your Stirling experience!